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Trilogy Trails

The Redmond Ridge and Trilogy developments contain numerous set-aside trails and natural areas; some of the trails are horse-friendly. They are really 2 different trail systems separated by the Watershed and Novelty Hill Rd.  They can both be accessed from the Watershed and the Puget Power trail from Farrel McWhirter Park.  The Trilogy trails can also be accessed on the north from the Tolt water pipeline trail and Kathryn Taylor Equestrian Park.

Many of the major intersections feature well-done map signage.

On the north side, the Trilogy trail starts on the Tolt water pipeline trail just west and across the Tolt from Kathryn Taylor Equestrian Park. From there, the Collin Creek trail skirts the north and west sides of the Trilogy development all the way down to Novelty Hill Road. Partway, the Adair Creek trail branches off to go down the east side of the development to the Sunrise Loop; horses can make their way around the sides of the stairs there thanks to a Boy Scout project.

On the south, the main access point is from the Colin Creek trail on the north side of the Watershed, or from the Redmond Ridge trails.

From the west, where the Colin Creek trail comes out of the Watershed there is an intersection.  The trail to the Tolt continues into Trilogy and goes E (straight), while a right turn takes you south to Novelty Hill Rd; from there you can connect to the Redmond Ridge trails or the Watershed again.  Where the trail comes out on Novelty Hill Rd. it is advisable to dismount and lead your horse along the sidewalk that is right next to busy traffic on Novelty Hill Rd. ~1/2 mile to the intersection with the Puget Power trail.  From there one can continue N back to the Watershed or S across Novelty Hill Rd. to the Redmond Ridge trails.

Beyond Trilogy itself, a loop can be done by following the Triology trail south from Kathryn Taylor Park to meet the Watershed's Colin Creek trail, following that through to the Pipeline Regional Trail inside the Watershed and turning right onto that, then turning off the regional trail along the north side to the Watershed's Pipeline Trail Entrance. This trail goes N out to NE 133rd St.  Cross the street on the crosswalk and continue on the trail through the Lake of the Woods development that follows the gas pipeline (dirt surface, can be boggy in winter). There's a detour to avoid a steep ravine on the gas pipeline, turning R on NE 139th St., crossing 218th Ave. NE, turning L to cross the outlet to Welcome Lake on a horse bridge separate from the vehicle bridge, then following NE 140th Pl back to the pipeline; all points of this detour where the trail changes direction there are horse-and-rider trail signs. Continue N (right) on the gas pipeline trail (following the road shoulder of  216th Av. NE for the last bit) and intersect the Tolt water pipeline trail about 2 miles W of Kathryn Taylor Equestrian Park.

Current Status Notes


The three Collin Creek trail bridges between Tolt Pipeline and 232nd Ave. are soon to undergo major repairs from mid-Oct to mid-Nov 2015 and will be closed intermittently to all traffic.


The easiest place to access the Trilogy trail is from Kathryn Taylor Equestrian Park, though you can also park at the Redmond Watershed and ride through that to get to the Trilogy trails.


Length: 3-5 miles. Loop described above is about 9-10 (?) miles.

Surface: bark, gravel, dirt. Paved trails intersect with soft-surface trails throughout, and there are crossings of paved, multi-lane roads.

Share with: walkers, hikers, golf carts, dogs, bicycles, suburban life


Parking for: 10+ trailers at Kathryn Taylor Equestrian Park, 6+ at Redmond Watershed.

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King County Parks:
While the "major" trails are featured on the King County Regional Trails map, it doesn't give much detail. More detailed maps can be found on the Redmond Ridge Urban Planned Development page.