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Redmond Watershed

Another forested trail gem that is being surrounded by suburbia. In addition to meandering wooded trails, the park is crossed by the Pipeline Regional Trail (north-south) and the Powerline Regional Trail (east-west). Some trails are reserved for hikers only, others are open to all non-motorized users. The main equestrian loop includes the park's segment of the Pipeline Regional Trail (most of which is not actually on the pipeline within the park boundaries) and the forested Trillium Trail to the east of it. Other trails are open to hikers only, though the large fence barriers will make this clear.

Branch trails lead out to neighboring communities and you can follow the park's Collin Creek trail to connect up with the Trilogy/Redmond Ridge trails and the Tolt Pipeline trail.


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21760 Novelty Hill Rd. From the east end of 520 where it turns into Avondale Road, head north and turn right on Novelty Hill Road. 2.4 miles later, turn left (north) into the park entrance road, just across from 218th Avenue NE.

Current Status Notes



Length: 5+ miles of trails open to horses

Surface: gravel, dirt

Share with: hikers, bicycles


Restrooms, picnic area

Parking for: 7+ horse trailers

Jurisdiction & Links

City of Redmond:
Redmond City Parks - Watershed Park

City of Redmond - Maps page
(Look under the "Trails and Parks" section near the bottom of the page.)
Another map and descriptive & natural information is on:

History Notes

You might notice the flatness and gentle curve of the northern portion of the Collin Creek trail (and of the hiker-only trail that it joins to the south, if you're walking). The name of the hiker trail is Siler's Mill trail, and it is probably an old logging skid road (or maybe railway) that led to Siler's Mill, which started business near Novelty Hill Road in 1924 but is now long gone.