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Trail Guide Contact

We would like to hear from you about equestrian trails! Please use the email address to the right to contact us if there is a trail you'd like to see listed here, if you have a question about a trail, or if you have a status update on a trail. We would like to hear about openings, closures, repairs, or anything else that should be known about a trail.

Be a Trail Ambassador

If there is a particular trail that you ride (or walk, or bike) frequently, you could be an "ambassador" for that trail and help keep up public trail awareness. A trail ambassador can help by letting us know about current conditions on the trail (closures, washouts, trees down, etc.) and in the area around it (land-use change notification signs, road changes). Just send an email if you are interested in being the Trail Ambassador for your favorite trail -- your input can help keep this site up-to-date!

Join King County Executive Horse Council

The King County Executive Horse Council is an umbrella organization, uniting horsemen of all breeds and interests. The KCEHC supports the horse industry and equestrian way of life by advocating for the protection and creation of equestrian trails and facilities. We are the official horse advisors to government and developers. If you would like to support this effort with your membership or volunteer time, please visit our Membership page, and we thank you very much!