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Redmond Ridge Trails

The Redmond Ridge and Trilogy developments contain numerous set-aside trails and natural areas; some of the trails are horse-friendly. They are really 2 different trail systems separated by the Watershed and Novelty Hill Rd.  They can both be accessed from the Watershed.  The Trilogy trail can also be accessed on the north from the Tolt water pipeline trail and Kathryn Taylor Equestrian Park.

To access the Redmond Ridge trails from the parking lot for the Watershed, ride north into the Watershed to the Puget Power trail, then turn right and follow the trail until it meets the Pipeline Regional Trail at the top of a hill. Turn S (right) and follow the gas pipeline to Novelty Hill Rd.  Here you may want to dismount as this is a busy road. Go left on the road shoulder a short distance to the stop light and horse/pedestrian crosswalk at Novelty Hill Rd. and Cedar Park Crescent Dr.  Once across, find the trail on the right which goes back to and follows the gas pipeline (see blue trail on Redmond Ridge map, linked below).  Alternatively, you can continue straight on the Powerline Trail in the Watershed until it meets Novelty Hill Rd (with another horse/pedestrian crosswalk). On the far side, the Nuthatch Trail goes south to the right; the Powerline Trail goes a little bit further but not far.


The easiest place to park with access to the  Redmond Ridge trails is at the Redmond Watershed and then follow the Pipeline Trail eastward.

Current Status Notes

Open; see below.

NOTE: Construction in this area may result in trail closures or re-routes while construction is ongoing.


Length: 5-6 miles of trails

Surface: gravel, paved road crossings

Share with: walkers, bicycles, dogs, suburban life


Parking for: 6+ trailers at Redmond Watershed

Jurisdiction & Links

King County Parks:
While the "major" trails are featured on the Regional Trails map, it doesn't give much detail. More detailed maps can be found on the Redmond Ridge Urban Planned Development page.