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Tiger Mountain State Forest

Tiger Mountain is a "working forest" southeast of Issaquah that features a network of trails and roadways, many of which are open to equestrians. Trails vary from wooded single-track trails that can be steep to open gravel logging roads. Some trails run over former narrow-gauge railway beds that led to old logging and mining sites. Poo-Poo Point on the northwest side of the mountain is a popular take-off point for paragliders and hangliders; you may encounter their vehicles on West Side Road as they haul equipment & shuttle fliers up to the take-off point.

Since Tiger Mountain is a "working forest", parts of it get logged from time to time. Riders should avoid ongoing logging operations and their equipment, and be especially careful on roads that may be currently used for logging, as vehicles may appear around corners unexpectedly. The Dept. of Natural Resources' website (also linked below) often has notices about which areas are currently being logged and what trails and roads may be affected.

As this is a large area, taking a map along is highly encouraged! The Green Trails map of Tiger Mountain is good; most online maps of the area are incomplete.

Current Status Notes

NOTE: 2013 Logging will resume in May on the Karisun timber sale. Tree thinning will happen in locations all over Tiger Mt this summer, and may close the Iverson trail and the upper parking lot for a time. Also, preliminary work is being done on the future logging of the Abney timber sale, on the west side of the mountain near the intersection of the 1500 and 1000 (Westside) Roads - we'll try to keep posted if this closes any trails in the future.

Some of the multi-use forest trails are closed from (approximately) Oct 15 to April 15th to prevent excessive trail damage; gravel roads are always open. See the DNR website below for exact open/close dates and details. The upper parking lot at Tiger Mountain Summit may also be closed during the winter months.


View Tiger Mountain Parking in a larger map

Tiger Summit: Take Route 18 to the top of Tiger Mountain; parking is on the north side of the highway. The lower parking area is right there next to the highway, with two gravel roads leading off of it. To reach the upper parking area, take the left-hand, un-gated road about 1/4 mile and the parking area is on the right just before the gate. NOTE: Access to the upper parking lot may be restricted in the winter, and in the summer if the DNR doesn't have a gatekeeper to open and close the gates.

South Tiger Trailhead: Another parking spot with equestrian trail access is alongside Tiger Mountain Road SE, near the intersection of Route 18 and Issaquah-Hobart Road. From 18, go north on Iss-Hobart Road and take the first right onto Tiger Mountain Road SE. Parking consists of a wide shoulder alongside the road near the trailhead, so it doesn't accommodate very many trailers. The trail departs from the opposite side of the road a few hundred feet north of the parking.


Length: many miles of trails & roads

Surface: dirt on trails, gravel on roads. Occasional bridges.

Share with: hikers, bicycles, occasional vehicles


Upper parking area has restrooms & a handicapped-accessible mounting ramp

Parking for: 10+ trailers at Tiger Mountain Summit upper parking area, 12+ at lower parking; however, the lower parking area can be crowded with hikers' and bikers' vehicles.

3 trailers (if carefully parked & nobody else blocking) at Tiger Mountain Road SE trailhead.

Jurisdiction & Links

WA Dept of Natural Resources:
South Puget Sound region information - includes trail open/closed status

Maps: DNR has a map you can order from them, or you can buy a Green Trails map at outdoor outfitters. Most online maps are incomplete. Note also that logging operations may change the routes of trails either temporarily or permanently.