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Soaring Eagle Park

Soaring Eagle is a forested park at the eastern edge of the Sammamish Plateau. Its 12 miles of varied and well-marked trails are maintained by community groups and bicycle organizations as well as the Parks department. Being at the edge of suburbia, you will often encounter other trail users here.

The park is bisected by the Pipeline Trail, a wide, relatively flat gravel road, with narrower woodland trails looping off of this at various intervals. Each intersection is marked with a numbered sign and a map, so it's easy to tell where you are at all times.


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From 288th Ave SE, follow SE 8th St as it curves and becomes 244th Ave SE. Turn right onto East Main Dr and follow to the end. The park is located at 26015 East Main Dr, Sammamish.

Current Status Notes



Length: 12 miles

Surface: gravel (Pipeline Trail), dirt (others)

Share with: hikers, bicycles


Parking for: the Parks website says there's room for 5 trailers. Park users tell me that trailer drivers may have an easier time if you ignore the painted directional arrows.

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King County Parks:
King County Parks: Soaring Eagle

Soaring Eagle trail map

King County Parks has added a downloadable "brochure" (including a map) for this park to their "Backcountry Trails Map Brochure Series."