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Green-to-Cedar River Trail

This rail-trail, also known as the Lake Wilderness Trail, is a branch off of the Cedar River Trail, leading to Maple Valley and Lake Wilderness. Ultimately King County would like to connect this trail all the way through to the Green River south of Black Diamond (hence the name), but they're not there yet.

The first 3+ miles of this planned regional trail are open, though, with a gravel surface. There are road crossings and underpasses, including some short tunnels, and some suburban stretches.


Current Status Notes



Length: 3+ miles

Surface: gravel

Share with: hikers, bicycles, dogs


Parking for:

Jurisdiction & Links

King County Parks:
Doesn't have it's own web page, though, but is mentioned on the Cedar River Trail web page.

Appears on King County's Regional Trails map.