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Tokul Trails

This is the name given to the trails east of the Snoqualmie Valley Trail near Fall City by mountain bikers, named after their access points off of Tokul Road and the general location around Tokul Creek. Technically, the forestry area behind the Snoqualmie Valley Trail is called Snoqualmie Forest, though. For horseback purposes, the best parking is at the Fall City Park arena, with access to both the Snoqualmie Valley Trail and the Tokul Trails across Rte 203 via SE 39th Place (see directions below). Note that there is a pair of logs you must step over to get around the gate at the end of SE 39th Place.

The trails themselves consist of a vast mix of single-track trails and logging access roads -- when you run out of single-track in one spot, ride down a road and find more. Some trails are steep and challenging, others are mild and open. This is an easy spot to get lost in, though, so bring along a map or two. Most trails are unsigned, though some have been named on the maps linked below -- doesn't mean you'll find a sign at the actual trail.

Since many of these trails are used by mountain bikers, you may encounter mountain-bike obstacles, as well as trails that are too steep or rough to be suitable for horses. In particular, the trails marked as "Kamikaze" and "Clear Cut" on this map are not designed with horses in mind, including obstacles and extremely steep slopes. In general, after reaching the Snoqualmie Valley Trail, turn LEFT (north) to reach gentler sloped trails, as many of the ones to the right are so steep as to be impassable by horse.

The Snoqualmie Forest/Tokul Trails area is now managed by Campbell Global, and you can get permits from their website ($50/year for non-motorized recreational users, or $8/day).

Current Status Notes

 Open, permit required.

Access to the Tokul East trails via the Snoqualmie Valley Trail is unavailable due to the SVT's closure east of 356th Drive SE until Spring 2016 for Tokul Trestle upgrades.

Note: Parts of the map linked above show trails that are actually on private land, and access to these trails has been restricted. The area marked as "Griffin Creek" is privately owned and has been posted "No Trespassing" for a few years now, but recently the northern part of the area marked "Tokul West" has also been posted: signs have been reported between the Black Bear trail and the Bra Trail. This land parcel is not owned by Campbell Global, so the permit does not allow access to it. Road development has occurred there and more "No Trespassing" signs are in the area.


View Snoqualmie Valley Trail parking areas in a larger map

From Fall City, go NE over the river to the roundabout and follow the signs to 203 north towards Carnation. About 200 feet from the roundabout, turn left into the entrance to Fall City Park. There is a gravel parking lot immediately on the left, but better horse-trailer parking can be found by following the road as it curves around to the right; across from the horse arena is a circular gravel road where you can pull in and out easily. A trail from this area leads straight back out to 203 and the equestrian crosswalk to get to SE 39th Place.

You can also get to these trails by parking at the Griffin Creek Natural Area and riding south a few miles on the Snoqualmie Valley Trail -- see the directions on that page.


Length: many miles of trails and logging roads

Surface: dirt, gravel, muddy spots, roots, hills

Share with: mountain bikers, hikers


Fall City Park has a horse arena across from the parking spot.

Parking for: 12+ trailers

Jurisdiction & Links

Combination of timber lands, easement agreements with the county, and other arrangements. Some private lands without easements may be subject to future development.

Evergreen Mt Bike Alliance's map of Tokul trails