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Gold Creek Park

The ridges and ravines of this park make it feel like you're completely encircled in a sphere of greenery, and make the relatively small acreage seem expansive, private, and wild. The trails are well-maintained. Expect lots of hill-climbing and descending, including the occasional step, with muddy patches in the spring. There are connector trails to local neighborhoods, and the one from the Hollywood Hills Saddle Club is long and extensively used by horse folks -- as a matter of fact, it's the recommended access for horses to this park.

The Boys & Girls Club Lodge parking lot, the "official" parking for this park, is NOT sized for horse trailers unless it's completely empty, you have a short rig, and are really good at multiple-point turns with it. However, the Hollywood Hills Saddle Club will let you park in their lot, or along the road if their lot is full due to events, and use their 1/2 mile access trail. See directions for how to get there.


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From Redmond head north on Woodinville-Redmond Road (202). Where Woodinville-Redmond Road goes left to cross the valley floor, veer right onto 148th Ave NE. You will pass the official park entrance to the the Boys & Girls Club lodge; continue up the hill and around to the right where the road becomes 172nd. Keep to the right to stay on 172nd, and Hollywood Hills Saddle Club will be on the right, past the elementary school. From their parking area, locate the trail near the southest corner of their property that goes straight south between houses and backyards for about half a mile until it reaches the park itself, where the trail bends. Side trails lead to Gold Creek Equestrian Center and other neighborhood residences.

Current Status Notes

Open; Hollywood Hills Saddle Club trail open to horse access from April - October due to muddy conditions.


Length: 3+ miles

Surface: dirt, mud, occasional rocks

Share with: hikers, occasional intrepid bikes


Parking for: 6+ trailers depending on other events taking place

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History Notes

  • In 1969 the Seattle Pop Festival was held at "Gold Creek Park", a popular spot for band concerts at the time. Posters from the event list such greats as Chuck Berry, the Doors, the Guess Who, Led Zeppelin, and Santana. The concerts were not at the current Gold Creek County Park, but rather at the bottom of the hill, in a facility off of 140th.