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King County Executive Horse Council

Snoqualmie Valley Trail access via SE 39th Place

Email 3/16/2010 from Perry Wilkins, Fall City Parks Commissioner:

"King County has apprised the Fall City community that access to the Snoqualmie Valley Trail via the existing easement at the north end of SE 39th Place remains OPEN. For background information, in 1911 King County purchased a public road easement from the parcel owner, Weyerhaeuser Company, and the easement has been a matter of public record since that time. Since 1911 and without interruption the easement at the north end of SE 39th Place has been used as a road by King County and the public. Originally the public used it to access the railroad, then for access to the now-closed dump (it was once called the “Dump Road”), and now it provides access to the County’s regional soft surface trail along the abandoned railroad alignment. Therefore the public easement has not been terminated with the recent sale of the property that surrounds it. King County representatives apprised the public of this status at the FCCA meeting held March 12, 2010. Major Jerrell Wills, of the King County Sheriff’s Department, stated that the SVT trail access at SE 39th Pl is open and that no one should be harassed while using the using it . He stated that If someone is harassed they should call the Sheriff’s department immediately at 206-296-5020. He wants to know if anyone is harassing you about using the trail access. His office number is 206 205-7654. His cell phone is 206 423-7258. "