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Mission Statement

Our primary focus is to support the horse industry and equestrian way of life in King County by taking part in pertinent land use issues and by promoting the protection and creation of equestrian trails and facilities.

If you are see or are concerned about a trail closure, please email

KCEHC Officers

Position Held By
President Judy Willman
Vice-President Kelly Boyd
Secretary Laura Giorgi
Treasurer Isabell Schober
Legislative Analyst Judy Willman

Board Members

Ann Shilling

We welcome and encourage volunteers. Please contact us if you would like to participate in any of the following areas:

Areas of Interest Contact Description
Education & Publicity
  Communication with newspapers, radio, television stations to promote goals and activities of KCEHC.  Distribute brochures and pamphlets to businesses and organizations. Give presentations to horse clubs, city, county government, developers, etc.  Organize presentations/workshops on equine care, trail preservation, etc. Setup and  display at fairs, trail conferences, etc.
Isabell Schober
Promote and develop membership in KCEHC.  Maintain  membership directory, volunteer lists and telephone tree.
Kelly Boyd
Create and distribute newsletter, including soliciting articles, layout,  printing and distribution.
Maintain and update  inventory of trails and trail contacts. 
Legislative Issues
Judy Willman
Keep track of City, County and State legislation that will affect trails and the equestrian lifestyle. Represent equestrians at hearings and meetings. Receives notices of pending development from County, and determine whether or not these developments will impact trails.

KCEHC Meeting Information

KCEHC meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every month at the Redmond Library. 
    7:15 PM to 9:00 PM
 Redmond Library
15990 NE 85th St
 Redmond, WA


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